I Watched: Monster Hunter (2020)

A group of soldiers operating in the desert are swept up by a lightning storm cloud and transported to another place. This place is full of strange, dangerous creatures but the soldiers do their job, pressing on while maintaining high spirits. A sense of likability and camaraderie like this means something is bound to go wrong.

We get a tribal looking hunter who plays a major part in the movie, meeting the main character, Artemis (Milla Jovovich) as she struggles to survive. They fight, make friends then the real Monster Hunter game stuff comes in. Ridiculous big weapons, cooking, traps, poison, elementally buffed weapons and obviously hunting monsters. The monsters keep getting bigger as more characters are introduced, bringing us a tribe of hunters with weird cat people.

This movie does make a point that we can all get along, even as foreigners. The two main characters interact while struggling to understand one another, they manage to be funny in an unexpected way. They definitely played to their strength in writing the story around the characters who work together well and are well acted.

Action in this movie generally looked quite good, having giant monsters seem believable is always a challenge. In some scenes they look a bit bad while in others the monsters look great. It’s a bit of a shame there wasn’t more monster hunting going on though.

The story finally reaches its climax as the characters achieve their goals, leaving us with enough for a sequel or at least a half hour more film that isn’t there. To be honest it feels unfinished. Fairly average as a movie, it doesn’t over explain anything and the focus is on the likeable characters. Good enough if you’ve nothing better to watch.

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