Recipe: Curry Sauce Spread

I had some pork steaks to cook for my tea, plain meat can be a bit boring so to stop the repetitiveness of just more pork I made a sort of sauce for it to cook in. I was making it for just me so this will work for one, maybe two pieces of meat.


  • Butter (vegetable spread or margarine)
  • Plain flour
  • Curry powder
  • Ginger (powder)
  • Turmeric (powder)
  • Cumin (ground)

First get a heaped teaspoon of butter and put it in a small pot. Microwave this for ten seconds to melt the butter.

Then add a teaspoon of flour to the hot, melted butter and mix in to make a thicker liquid.

After that add a quarter of a teaspoon curry powder and cumin to mix in. Followed by an eighth of a teaspoon turmeric and ginger. Give it a good mix until the liquid looks more curry coloured and the powders can’t be seen.

Spread this on one side the raw pork steak before cooking under the grill (I’m assuming you know how to cook meat in a grill). When you’re ready to turn the meat over, pull it out and spread the sauce on the raw side, then cook until done. The butter in the sauce should melt into the meat which will help it cook and leave a curry flavour.

This can probably be used for more than just pork steaks so have fun if you try it.

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