I Watched: Titans (N Series)

The Netflix series focuses on Batman’s sidekick Dick Grayson. The thing with this is that he’s all grown up and becoming a hero in his own right.

The first series is set around a blue haired girl that has some sort of black magic with people hunting her, this girl’s father seems to be behind it all. Alongside that plot there’s an amnesiac woman with fire powers, a boy that turns into a big green tiger, a trainee Wonder Woman, a new Robin and a vigilante couple. The series establishes characters fairly well, the main plot is pretty good and there’re enough loose ends to go on with. The last episode felt a bit unfinished, leaving viewers with a cliffhanger ending but that’s my only complaint. A strong show that’s interesting and doesn’t use the same old A-list characters and tries something new.

The second series of Titans starts with an end to the story from series one. It deals with what was going on and sets us up with a new villain. The Titans’ past features heavy in the story making the background of what’s going on quite interesting which plays well into the characters and their development. There’re new characters introduced too like Superboy who ends up having his own problems to deal with. Of course the focus is still on Dick Grayson as he tries to find himself, leaving Robin in the past. The last episode of this series felt a lot clearer as it concluded with some characters being written out and the Titans’ past issues being resolved.

The start of the third series is a bit wild, with the Bat family being more of a focus. We get an early death of a character, a stronger connection to Gordon and the GCPD as a new villain is created from a former Titan in Gotham. All the Titans go to Gotham as Bruce Wayne breaks his own rules with the whole city under threat. There’s a bit of a romantic plot line, the exploration of identity through fear and one of the most powerful ideas in the Batman universe comes into play. One episode was really good as it used a black and white filter while being really engaging, funny even. It ends with a proper conclusion where the villain is dealt with in a satisfying way, plus the Titans are able to go on their next adventure.

As a whole Titans is good to watch. I’m not familiar with all the source material but the characters were all interesting and unique, even if a little underused. The show can be a bit messy as it rushes, forgets or ignores plot lines which becomes more noticeable the longer it goes on. However I would recommend watching it to any DC fan.

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