I Watched: Hitman Agent 47

Another Hitman movie, this one from 2015. As it started out this movie got me a little excited but by the end of it I was a bit disappointed.

Rupert Friend plays the titular assassin. Agent 47 wears his suit with a red tie but isn’t quite bald. He’s a great marksman, expertly using guns to wipe out rooms full of men and sniping moving targets over long distance. He pursues his targets like some sort of unstoppable golem or terminator. In the early parts of the film he is intimidating, coming across as a villain as we follow the people that he’s trying to kill. (I think evading the ultimate killer before he finally kills the character in some clever, unexpected way would be an awesome movie.). 47 uses disguises to beat his enemies, has Diana as his handler and is close enough to the video games in many ways.

The later parts of the movie make it clearer why 47 is targeting the woman he is. Then it turns into a generic protection/training action flick where there’s an evil rich guy and a near invincible physical threat that fights the hero. Normal movie goers will be able to keep up well enough as Hitman Agent 47 is an action movie with not too many game connections. The acting is ok, there’s nothing really wrong with it.

Hitman Agent 47 is one of those video game movies that nobody really gains anything from watching. Brilliant ideas wasted on a forgettable film that doesn’t do anything too unexpected or impressive. It’s not bad, it just doesn’t stand out at all.

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