All together in the same boat,

Doing our best to keep it afloat,

They tell me that I don’t belong,

So in a smaller boat I sail along,

You may have a bigger crew,

But my ship is sinking too.

With decorations it’s not festooned,

All alone like a sailor marooned,

My little floater hanging on,

As you’ll go down and soon be gone,

I hope that it satisfies you,

To know my ship is sinking too.

Water coming up to the deck,

Soon to leave it as a lost wreck,

A hole somewhere down below,

What caused it I don’t know,

As the water comes up through,

My little ship is sinking too.

As the kraken gets its catch,

Davy Jones his head does scratch,

He sees no guilt, no fault or foul,

Yet his mad servants give a howl,

For they know it to be true,

That my ship is sinking too.

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