Far Cry 6 – Average

Far Cry 6 is a first person shooter in the fictional country of Yara. Yara is ruled by Castillo, a dictator who the player must work with rebels to depose or destroy.

Accessibility is a key design choice with many options including narrative and visual assistance, this is obviously a brilliant move as the game can be customised to be inclusive to anyone. This is presented straight away so can’t be missed but can lead to fiddly control schemes if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Following the plot will lead to a few sub-stories where Castillo’s allies and underlings are targets which means there’s some variation in how bases work. The story missions rarely feel important and the only way they are different from the rest of the sandbox world is that they have cutscenes. The cutscenes are where Castillo himself makes most of his appearances, other than that he (the main villain) doesn’t come across as important.

Side missions come in two forms, Yara stories and Treasure Hunts. Yara Stories are the problems of people, the fight back of individuals against Castillo and his army which function as objective based missions. Treasure Hunts work as dungeons, usually involving platforming or a puzzle of some kind. There are also races to do and the game world is packed out with bases for the player to attack.

Some missions do use annoying, outdated objectives like carry the unconscious guy or beat the timer, but the majority of objectives are destruction or killing based.

The game has noticeable issues: There is a day and night cycle with missions requiring a certain time of day but no way to change time other than standing around or generally just waiting. There’s an auto save system that lost me progress at least once. It has respawn system that puts you miles away from where you died, sometimes stupidly working to the player’s advantage.

A major thing about Far Cry games is the shooting which is as solid and well done as ever. Shotguns, machine guns, bows, fire and explosives are all present with the new addition of poison rounds that make enemies fight each other and add damage over time. A character called Juan gives us a Supremo which is basically an ability gadget that restores itself over time, this can be a missile launcher, an EMP, a fire blaster or a few other things and I’d argue that it’s the most noticeable difference from older games. There’s also a set of five fairly weak animal companions that can be found to help on the adventure. Vehicles including tanks, planes and boats can all be found for something extra in a battle.

With the combat comes crafting. In the older games you’d hunt animals to gain skins to make ammo pouches and similar. 6 has a separate system of gathering resources in the world to make base additions and weapon mods. It works as a system but makes hunting pointless and animals just become an irritating hinderance while exploring.

Stealth is also incorporated into the flow of the game as the player can use suppressors and a spotter phone camera for recon. Alarms can be disabled to prevent reinforcements which all fits well with the other Far Cry games.

There’s free extra content such as a Rambo mission or a Stranger Things chapter based mission called The Vanishing which strips you of all equipment and companions as it sets you off in a bunker to face Russians and some sort of monster. It’s like they wanted to make an Alien/Doom game with stealth, incendiary shotguns, zombie creatures, a shadow land and so much more. A linear set of missions that proved much more creative and interesting than anything I’d encountered up to that point, both graphically and in gameplay. Disappointingly, the end of this mission is broken and when it finishes it seems to reset but reactivating it does get a final cutscene for that story.

Overall, it’s a decent mindless sandbox shooter but it’s lost what Far Cry was. The villain is forgettable, there’re no weird drug missions, hunting is pointless and there’s no real sense of importance. It still has the basic formula of first person platforming, liberation and gunfire, plus 6 builds up new ideas which is respectable, but it’s lost that something special that made the others so fun. If you want a well built mindless shooter Far Cry 6 can be recommended but I’d still say go for Far Cry 3, 4 or 5 instead. If you want mindless, pointless violence play a Just Cause game instead. It is a very pretty game.

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