Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay – Good

This Paw Patrol game is a third person platformer where puppies that are all associated with different civil services join together to complete a series of missions. Paw Patrol is a bit late for my childhood but I can see how young children might like it.

There are seven main missions where the puppies will use their abilities (such as recycling) to clear objects from the world. At the end of the missions the dogs will gain powers such as super strength to perform an action, for the player this means a button prompt or quick time event. More than one puppy is available on each level, the player can switch between the with a single button press.

In the Extras section of the main menu the player can find minigames to have a go at which gives a little more to do. There are also collectibles scattered around every mission which can be viewed in the Extras area. The collectibles are badges and bone shape dog biscuits.

The one problem I have with the game is the little boy character that spoke every few seconds in a really annoying, child friendly voice. I couldn’t put up with it very long.

Although this game is a bit simple for me as an adult, the game is mechanically fine. It functions as a little collectathon type game so is a nice intro to gaming for young children. I’m also fairly confident young fans of Paw Patrol would enjoy it. It’s short but that means it doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. Given that it seems right for the target audience it’s good for kids, get it cheap if your little ones want it.

Easy Gamerscore for anyone that can sit through it, could be good for Microsoft Rewards.

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