Far Cry 3 Classic Edition – Great

Far Cry 3 was a first person shooter game from the Far Cry series, this one helped to properly set the modern formula that the series has to this day. The Classic Edition is a remastered version on more modern consoles.

It has the Far Cry stuff like base capturing, drug interactions, lots of killing, hunting, weapons and important or interesting characters. It also has towers to climb which I loved about the old Far Cry games as it gave a little platforming puzzle that broke up the gameplay a little bit.

We meet Hurk and Willis, there’s a tribe leader called Citra and a guy called Sam that all feature strongly. Those characters are minor though, there’re two major villains – Vaas, a madman who leads the islands pirates, and Hoyt, a more money driven guy who thinks he’s untouchable. Both villains pale in comparison to the hero – Jason Brody, a holiday goer scarred by battle over the game who learns of how violence can be addictive as he grows into a warrior and probably develops PTSD along the way (it’s a strange story of insanity and mental illness).

The combat is standard first person shooter stuff with a variety of guns and explosive or flammable weapons that are used to kill enemies. Humans are the main ones, both pirates and privateers attack the player as the game progresses. We also get animals which need to be hunted for upgraded pouches to store equipment, this includes missions for tougher animals that allow for the best upgrades when killed.

Crafting doesn’t stop at pouches, this game allows for syringes to be made that give advantages such as water breathing, quicker healing and temporary invincibility plus a few more used things. Syringe crafting requires plants that are scattered everywhere so players have to have some awareness of the game world.

For side missions we get both animal and man hunts, there’s racing and supply drops (more racing), and we get to follow the stories of random islanders in their small pointless lives. There’re also some dungeons with Abstergo symbols in that were some of the more fun sections of the game.

Collectibles are mostly just for experience points for levelling up; they come in the form of relics, Japanese soldier letters and memory cards. Sometimes these present as fun little exploration challenges but can be ignored without consequences.

Far Cry 3 CE does have issues such as sharks swimming on land, levitating NPCs and a few other random, stupid things. Thankfully nothing game breaking.

Overall, it feels like Far Cry 3 needs some minor quality of life fixes but is fantastic as a game. There’s so much personality in it, from the characters themselves to having Wagner blasting out in a helicopter escape to Alice In Wonderland quotes appearing during story missions. I’m not the biggest fan of the villains from this one but would highly recommend this to fans of open world first person shooters.

Because the Achievements are all any difficulty, single player possible things I got the full Gamerscore.

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