I Watched: Tank Girl

I’ve accepted another request for a post, this time for the Tank Girl movie for which I was provided a copy of the DVD.

Tank Girl is a strange and stupid action movie with a lot of small sexual moments. In a dystopian world there’s a struggle for water and those that hold water also have power. The movie occasionally has comic graphics or animation pop up for a few seconds which were quite well designed, probably even the best things about the film.

The plot is basic with a tragic event leading to a revenge quest, a heroine that must gain underdog allies to fight a dominant power. Nothing special or overly unique in how the story was.

Tank Girl herself is best described as a more tame Harley Quinn without the sparkles or likability. She’s fearless, aggressive, soft on children and uses her looks to her advantage where she can. As a powerful combatant she takes out a few enemies before she even sees a tank, a tank which she customises but barely uses. She allies with an engineer called Jet Girl who doesn’t do much, and some Kangaroo men called the Rippers that do a little fighting but mostly just act like idiots.

Our protagonist is up against Malcolm McDowell as he plays a shouty villain who leads the Power and Water group, a militant group that holds the majority of the water in the desert wasteland. McDowell is cruel to his men and spouts poetic nonsense at our titular heroine. He tries to break Tank Girl using torture. As with the other movies I’ve seen McDowell in he does his part brilliantly, it’s a shame he didn’t get much screen time.

All the way through this film I couldn’t help but think it was designed to be rubbish. The same sort of rubbish as Labyrinth or Time Bandits, like it was intended to end up as a cult classic or just be one person’s favourite film. Tank Girl has a cast with a few big names which surprised me and the music throughout had an alright beat. Tank Girl is weirdly watchable but I can tell why I’ve never seen it before and probably never will again. I wouldn’t recommend watching unless you’re into watching bad movies for fun.

It’s possible that a modern remake of Tank Girl could come across better, I’ve heard that the rights might have changed hands so a bit of CGI and big budget could help. Apparently it is a movie based off a comic.

If anyone does have requests for reviews, opinions or writing the easiest way to make contact is Twitter @LbcreativeG where we can discuss it further.

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