Quick Game Reviews – It Takes Two, The Park, The Artful Escape

It Takes Two – Great – Another co-op game from the makers of A Way Out, this time with a pair of divorcing parents that have been shrunk down and turned into toys. Fast, frantic gameplay that occasionally forces players to work together and plenty of variety in abilities with none of them staying long enough for the game to get boring. It feels fresh all the way through plus it requires enough thinking and reactiveness to be exciting. The story is a bit of a letdown with the ending but the characters of Cody and the Book Of Love are great, May never seemed very likeable. There were also some hilarious moments in the game with a few references to other things and decent mini games to pack it out.

The Park – Average – A strange atmospheric walking simulator where a woman has lost her child in a theme park. The park manages to be interesting with the woman talking about how her life has been, how her mental state has changed. The graphics would have been good if not for grass popping into existence as the player walked forward. I had to change movement sensitivity to its lowest as it was extremely fast for turning. It’s an interesting bit of story with the park being surprisingly engaging to explore however for a sort of horror experience it threw in a few minor jump scares and wasn’t scary at all. It has an end that left me with many questions but was very short as a game. I can see what they were going for but it isn’t high quality. Easy Gamerscore though, I’d get it cheap if you like this sort of thing.

The Artful Escape – Bad – The Artful Escape is a 2D side scrolling story driven game with a focus on colour and music. It follows a folk musician who shreds his guitar in another dimension. The gameplay is simple and has dialogue choices and copy-the-pattern minigames. It’s mostly just moving to the side and jumping occasionally with there being boss creatures that need you to press buttons in sequence, the gameplay is really basic which makes it really boring to sit through. There’s a good story about escaping the shadow of the past and becoming yourself but it would have been better in a different game style or an animated movie.

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