Hey Fatemaker…

“Hey Fatemaker. At Gearbox, we make games because we love the joy it brings not only us, but to you… This game was created mostly from our homes during the pandemic, where all of us came face to face with the critical importance of connecting…”

Credits, Wonderlands

The above quote was presented at the start of the credits of the Wonderlands game after defeating the main boss, the Dragon Lord. It’s quite common to get some sort of thanks for playing message at the end of a game because developers know who it is buying the games that keep them in business.

Gearbox have sent out some of my favourite games ever with the Borderlands series and this Wonderlands spin-off. That series of games is so jam packed with pop culture references, bright colours and a stimulation that’s just so focused on fun. I hope they do understand that the fans do value the efforts (which goes to any developers of beloved game series).

Obviously, the pandemic stuff changed the world and a game about loneliness, gathering friends together for a game is incredibly important at this time. We need connections with other people, someone to share with or be comforted by. I can also believe that a game so packed with creativity must require a lot of teamwork and communication which is incredible.

Wonderlands is a single player game that it’s encouraged to try multiplayer. There’re games like It Takes Two and A Way Out that are designed for couch co-op too, I wish more games would have such a focus on togetherness, cooperation and inclusiveness.

It’s a part of the Hierarchy Of Needs to keep social connections. It helps your mental health, from which your physical health can be effected. Look after yourself by fulfilling those sorts of basic needs.

“Fate does not divide us, fate brings us together”

The Fatemaker, Wonderlands

The whole game is about togetherness and fun. Life should have a similar focus. No matter who you’re dealing with or what stupid laws your governments create. Focus on connections.


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