Quick Game Reviews – My Friend Pedro, Space Jam: A New Legacy, Raskulls

My Friend Pedro – Good – A skill based, fast 2D platformer where the player slaughters gang members while spinning and jumping around a lot. Pedro is a floating banana that is just there to move the story along, he’s not really important. The player is a human with small weapons (pistols, smgs…). There are wall jumps, rope swings, environmental hazards and minor puzzle bits as well as dodging bullets and a time slowing focus mode. There’s a choice of difficulties for those that want more challenging gameplay and when it works well or at least when you’re good at it then My Friend Pedro flows well and becomes a lot of fun.

Space Jam: A New Legacy – Good – Bugs Bunny, LeBron and Lola Bunny in a sidescrolling, nineties style arcade beat ‘em up (a bit weird given that the movie is about basketball). Fight robots of a few different varieties before taking on half-man-half-beast bosses. It’s a button basher with a few different moves and other Looney Tunes characters join as unlockable cards that act as power ups. Being fairly challenging but generous enough with lives for continues makes this game surprisingly fun. There’s not enough health drops and there’s no save if you decide to quit mid game (like if your thumbs hurt for example). Overall, good but could be more player friendly and a bit longer. It goes multiplayer, up to three players.. (It’s a free game too).

Raskulls – Great – Raskulls is a 2D platformer where a kingdom of skeleton men that all wear costumes face off against rat men in races in order to obtain shiny stones for plot purposes. The idea is simple, get to the finish. There are blocks in the way that you can attack and destroy. A speed boost known as ‘Frenzy’ can be gained to get an advantage for a few seconds. The levels are setup as spots on an overworld map, each level comes with a little gimmick, the gimmicks add a decent amount of variety to the short levels and can be quite challenging. Sometimes there is a limited number of attacks; sometimes you need to maintain the speed boost all level, sometimes you go on a checkpoint timer; and sometimes there are other racers controlled by the computer that cheat as much as they can. There’s no real combat in the game but other racers can be hit and stunned. The final level is a rule of three boss. As a mix of logic and speed I’d say the campaign mode of this game makes it a hidden gem of the 360 era, plus it goes multiplayer as a party game.


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