Poor Boris Johnson

Another Prime Minister down. Another resignation from the post. Driven to it by a series of unfortunate events.

Let’s start with the obvious, Brexit. After the disaster of a PM that May had been, working to forge a deal that was in the EU’s favour; Boris was brought in to be the main man in getting things done, he built his party out of people that would work to achieve the same goal making the Conservative party the strongest and most united it has been in years. They broke down Labour’s barrier to the north often referred to as the “Red Wall”. Go Bozza! It also helped that Boris was likeable, known for fun videos like where he’d rugby tackled a child. Go Bozza!

Then came Covid-19, the pandemic (panic-demic more like). This was a situation that was almost impossible for a politician to win with. Trapped between social media, newspapers and fearmongering scientists Boris decided to do what he was told and go for Lockdowns. The Lockdowns were a time for joining together in staying apart, to fear and report your neighbour (rather Orwellian) but stand together to clap for NHS workers who weren’t getting a decent reward for their service (never mind the forgotten key workers). Eventually the economy started to suffer which caused plenty of people problems, the government countered this by throwing money at the problem. Thankfully Britain under Boris was coming out of the EU which allowed us to have a much better vaccination and treatment system than we would have had as a member.

Once the worldwide pandemic started to sort itself out it was obviously time for Boris to get on with Brexit, to rebuild in a way that would make us better than Europe. Things started to get a little better with Boris and his mates but life isn’t what it was, it’s so hard to return to normal. How about a war in Eastern Europe between two incredibly important countries? Oil shortages and wheat crop problems are the big two, as we all know this war is a disaster for the world. Boris has shown some leadership quality with Ukraine, while other countries (including the EU) dithered about in fear Britain has been supportive of its chosen side. When it comes to being decisive on world matters Boris does alright.

The problems come at home. With the Lockdowns there were no gatherings, this for some reason didn’t include politicians, most notably Boris. Of course everyone should relax but not when people are missing out on seeing dying relatives for the final time. There were other known issues with Boris’ close few to do with Lockdowns but who’d remember a man testing his eyesight? Some would argue that the Lockdowns weren’t enough while others would say too much.

There’s also the current financial crisis where normal people are struggling to live in a basic affordable way, largely because of essential companies charging ridiculously high rates, the government isn’t stopping them. What we got was more money being thrown about from some unknown source, I remember “magic money tree” being a phrase that was used a lot at election time. They need to cap prices because profits are being made as the public are made to starve. Boris and the gang have let us down in Britain.

Boris Johnson was good for the job he was elected for, dealing with Europe is his thing. Boris Johnson is pretty rubbish at everything else which is why he has a cabinet of people that deal with specific areas. A few of his cabinet have done well over the years, a few have been constantly in the public eye and received full criticism as a result. I feel sorry for Boris because all his people turned on him in the end, stabbed him in the back and threw him under the bus. He wasn’t allowed to be voted out by the public, just pounced on by allies telling of how terrible he is in order to save their own skins. Et tu Brute?

At least Boris has a goofy likability to him. The Conservative party has shown itself to be a pit of vipers and although trust for Boris is running thin, I trust the rest of them even less. A man trying to do his best fouled up a few times in a situation involving three consecutive globe changing events. I know he made errors but I do feel for the man with so many burdens, surrounded by those who wished to tear him down.

On a side note, I’ve been drawing more and I’m not good at faces. I put one of my drawings in this post. Comment about Boris if you want but I’d like my drawing to get noticed.


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