Drawings (Gallery 1)

I’ve been struggling a bit with creative writing recently. Where I used to be able to spit out a poem or fire off my imagination with ease, it’s not coming anymore. I need my brain to find a natural rhythm for that sort of creativity.

So, while my logic and imagination won’t cooperate I need something to do. I know I’m a gamer but creation is good for the soul, there’s a feeling that video games can’t give you. Luckily I have an artistic side, maybe not a good one but it’s there. So with paper that I have lying around and two blunt pencils I’ve done a few drawings to keep myself feeling good. As this is a site for me to share my creativity I thought I’d post them here. Click on them for a bigger picture.

These aren’t in order of when I drew them and I’ve been a bit experimental with it. I’m not too bad at doing eyes but I’ve clearly got a lot to work on, especially mouths and probably other body parts. I’m trying slightly different styles and it takes about an hour to get a basic face roughly right. I could also work on my shading. The people I do are mostly random stuff from TV but edited in my own way.

I have bought some fresh, new, sharp pencils so hopefully the next batch will be a bit more accurate. Practice is key.


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