LBcreative Website Update

I’ve had this website going for a few years now and rarely write anything about the site itself or my intention of what to do with it. In this post I’ll explain why I started LBcreative as well as what my current plans for it are.


I am a hobbyist, as such I find myself regularly performing activities that cause enjoyment for myself. Because of the modern attitude that everything must have some productive purpose I tried to make money out of writing. The attempt was largely focused on some books that I had self published on Amazon.

My older sister has more of a knowledge about the money making side of the world, it was her that encouraged the use of WordPress for the creation of a website to gain a space for a sort of self advertisement. The idea was that if I put some minor creative work on here it would gain me enough of a following to sell more or would cause a company seeking someone like me to offer a connection.

At one point I started paying for the .me domain to make LBcreative into a proper platform to get more reach. Doing this should have made the website easier to find online which has worked for one post in particular.

My Intention

Over time my intention has become clearer to me. I have a desire to help people. It turns out that I don’t want to set the world on fire, I’ve lost all ambition for worldly acclaim (yes, I like The Ink Spots).

I had the base desire to entertain and build a community, this had me uploading creative writing posts that included stories as well as poetry, I also dipped into artwork in my own style. However the creative urge doesn’t hit me like it used to.

To add more to the website I started adding gaming content such as my own reviews or a few more thoughtful pieces to the site. This has eventually evolved to include movies and TV with a focus on superheroes. Superheroes help, they inspire and are better than normal people.

Rather than being a charity beggar like I could be to “help”, I’ve decided to try keep things simple. I want to allow people to be informed of what things are about so I describe them and provide my own opinions. I try to help people cook with simple recipe ideas and a message that experimenting is fine. I’ve taken requests and will still be open to any questions people have.

The Change

Based on events in my own life and the fact that I don’t earn any money from writing on this website I have decided to no longer pay for the domain. In simple terms this means that will revert to around the middle of August (if I’ve remembered right).

LBcreative will have less reach but I will still be writing posts. Those that follow me through the website, through WordPress or through Facebook shouldn’t see much change but I’d like to thank you all for the support so far.

I have also deactivated my Twitter as it’s just making my opinion of the world so much worse. I don’t need the toxicity of an algorithm that seems to promote argument. I have had a few good conversations on Twitter but not enough to justify being on the platform.

That’s it really. There’s a cost to everything these days and I can’t justify the cost of a domain name. I’d still like to offer what I can in the way of help if possible but as one person working alone I want to enjoy writing at minimal cost and spend the money I do have having fun. I’m also a bit of a pen and paper traditional writer so I’ll go back to doing more of that.

Maybe at some point I’ll start paying again but until then LBcreative will fade out a little. Thanks again for the support.

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