I Watched: Next

Next, a Nicolas Cage movie where a Vegas magician who can see into the future is wanted by the FBI for national security reasons. The caveat is that he can only see two minutes into the future in situations involving himself or as far as he needs as long as the situation involves one particular woman.

We’re given an interesting story where Cage’s character has no interest in helping his country but finds himself forced into the situation by the fact that both the terrorists and the FBI are hunting him. There’s heavy involvement of the woman in the story as the fact that he can see further if it involves her does come into the overarching plot.

Combat is quite good with Cage being able to react to events that haven’t happened yet, this includes punches, explosions, it even grants him the ability to dodge bullets. Watching the exfiltrations and battle sequences is a great way to see the idea done to its best. I like how Cage isn’t treated as some sort of action man because his powers are so limited, the story uses it all really well and sticks to the idea that if you look into the future then it changes because you’ll always react to what you see.

His powers are never really explained other than a comment about being like it since birth. This both adds to the mystery and leaves the audience with the question of why. Personally, I like the fact that we’re given no bigger meaning as it just makes for a weird movie idea that can be enjoyed and forgotten without too much thought or explanation.

The biggest downside of a movie like this is it relies on extreme suspension of disbelief as we’re supposed to be on board with the idea that when all resources are being used to combat a major threat one FBI woman goes hunting for a magician to save the world. Get past that and treat it as a bit of suspenseful entertainment and it’s a fun, interesting movie with a few impressive scenes.

Cage could also be off putting for some viewers as he’s the king of overacting but he remains serious throughout and I quite like his more focused work. The title of the movie is also a bit strange but it sort of makes sense as Cage can see what happens next.


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