I Watched: Fight Club

One of those movies that has a reputation for being incredible, I’ve also heard people call it overrated. It’s taken me a few attempts over the years to sit through more than five minutes of it as it’s a very dialogue heavy movie but I watched it all the way through recently. The way I’ve written this is a bit limited but that’s to try avoid spoilers.

Edward Norton plays the main character, some guy that’s never properly named for the viewer, he’s also the narrator of the movie (so that’s what I’ll call him). Narrator is mentally unwell, having developed insomnia which is making life dull for him which isn’t helped by the fact that he does have a dull office job with standard furniture and nothing extraordinary about his life. As an escape Narrator goes to support groups to gain some sense of feeling, a release that helps with his mental state. Narrator’s major thing that defines him is that he’s morally towards good so when things go too far it’s his job to sort things out.

Brad Pitt plays Tyler Darden, a strong willed wild and charismatic character who seems to thrive on chaos. Pretty much the complete opposite of Narrator, Tyler’s appearance in the movie is the driving force for the creation of the titular Fight Club as the pair work together to give Narrator a new way to get some release. Tyler eventually upgrades his Fight Club into something more, more chaos, more violence, more extreme as time goes by before the eventual epic climax of the film.

The way the two main characters talk to each other, the friendship they form even though they’re so different works really well. Specific lines connected me to the characters quite well and although nowhere near the same extent I could relate to Narrator’s mental problems enough to understand them.

There’s more going on than just the main plot with side characters like Bob and Marla being as weird and interesting as the main men. There’s a lot of tragedy in this movie for pretty much everyone and some of it was so bizarre it was almost funny.

Annoyingly Fight Clubs plot twist is so well known that it’s hard to go in blind but in knowing it you do see early hints at what’s going on. The worst thing about Fight Club is that once the twist is revealed parts of the movie don’t make any sense which is irritating because of how well the story is told and how well everything else is done.

Really good or overrated? Answer: worth watching at least once. For me, Fight Club falls into the same category as American Psycho, an incredible movie that needs a good amount of thought to properly understand but comes across as a simple, exciting and suspenseful watch that constantly tries to grab the viewer in slightly different ways. This style of movie always seems to come with the problem that it builds so much that there’s nowhere to go and the movie either ends really well or it ruins your experience of the last two hours. I thought the ending ruined this one. It is a high quality movie though and I can understand why it’s a classic as well as many peoples favourite.


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