LOL and other Quick Speak

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

LOL, laugh out loud.

Written down LOL expresses something that text isn’t the very accurate at displaying, humourous pleasure. Written down LOL comes with the same meaning as haha or a laughing emoticon and I see no issue with them other than ‘haha’ being used by The Simpsons Movie to convey pleasure in the misfortune of others, Nelson the bully is famous for it.

However I’ve seen too many people over time who may chuckle (actually laughing out loud) before saying the word LOL, sometimes not even laughing at all while just using the abbreviation as a substitute. We need actual laughter in life because it’s good for the soul. Laughter is a reliever, a de-stressor that helps with mental health. A bit more laughter in the world and maybe we won’t all be quite so depressed, the same way you’re down on a rainy, grey day, you’ll feel sort of grey in the head as everything is bleak or dull without laughter. Imagine a comedian who performs on stage delivering a brilliant punchline being met with an almost robotic “LOL” from the audience, there’d be no atmosphere, no fun or sense of joy so there would be no point.

Obviously, I understand the rise of LOL being linked to instant communication in the internet age. A text message or email or whatever other quick messaging service will require a change of method and as much as I’m a traditionalist who prefers sentences to single words or abbreviations I can see the use of different forms of writing. The real issue here is that this Quick Speak melds in with regular language, sort of corrupting it or damaging communicative functions such as laughter. I find it scary how fast language is changing, but where I find new social political changes to be a challenge, Quick Speak seemingly dumbing down the average people is more worrying as when people forget how to communicate properly we’ll be in a new sort of dark age with no decent record, possibly grunting at each other as mindless animals.

There’s also the Lots Of Love issue. Imagine ‘Grandad’s dead LOL’ in a text. Quick communication, lots to deal with in a bereavement situation, suddenly there’s an argument in the family over a misinterpreted message. Once again it’s the Quick Speak problem where it’s useful when speed is required but terrible for actually conveying anything.

Many people will agree that the changes to language probably aren’t doing anybody much good. Share your thoughts, proper communication is gr8 m8, Lol! (You see, irritating).

Just as a side note, I’m not a fan of terms of endearment either.


4 thoughts on “LOL and other Quick Speak

  1. I agree, these shortcuts have no place in regular speech. It’s as bad as using the morse code laugh (hi hi) in speech.

    Terms of endearment! When you say “love you” every time it loses it’s meaning and becomes the same as hello or goodby.

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    1. Hadn’t thought about morse code but yes, similar concept which would be very strange indeed.
      Terms of endearment, not only losing meaning but being overly familiar with strangers, “bro” or “love” used to address a stranger is just uncomfortable.

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  2. Language is ever-evolving, and in todays world, we need shorthand more than ever. It’s not that we’re lazy, it’s that we’re busy. Things move faster in todays world. I don’t know a single person who thinks LOL stands for “lots of love” …the person you are describing sounds tragically misinformed, or maybe anti-tech. I think the real problem in todays society is elitism regarding communication….LOL isn’t intended to replace real laughter, and it says very little about the person using it.

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    1. The point is that I personally don’t like LOL but do see the use as helpful in faster communication. We don’t need the shortcuts in proper language usage and although it isn’t intended to replace laughter, I have seen it begin to do so.
      Being misinformed or anti tech are both possible, maybe that’s changing in more recent times but there are those that’re slow to catch on. Take words like ‘yeet’ which have risen in popularity recently, it takes me a while to figure out words like that properly.
      The evolution of language is a beautiful thing, this post is my expression of a dislike of part of it.

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