I Watched: Kick-Ass Movies


A superhero movie without any superheroes, just a group of costumed crime fighters. The movie is packed with what’re now relatively big movie stars. I never watched this before because it looked like a bad spoof but I’m now glad I have it a chance.

Kick-Ass is the superhero name of the main character, Dave. He’s a nerdy teenager who wants the world to be better, wants to make changes while getting the girl off his dreams. Being a useless nerd with a small build means Kick-Ass gets beaten up… a lot. Unlike most stars of superhero movies Kick-Ass is the guy everyone is, not who they want to be. As a teen movie with a message about making a difference, Kick-Ass does really well as the main character, even having a few amazing moments near the end of the movie. Kick-Ass tells us to never give up and try to make a difference.

On his own Kick-Ass might have been a bit lacklustre as he is a bit of a joke, however he’s not the only hero around. Big Daddy and Hit Girl turn this movie from a dumb teen thing with the guy that gets the girl into a brilliant action movie. Big Daddy is basically a lethal Batman with the training and weaponry to take down an army, plus he’s played by Nicolas Cage who shoots a little girl in his first scene. Hit Girl is that little girl, ready for battle, trained to deal with anything and with a bloodlust that makes her incredible to watch. All the cool action scenes, the most impactful emotional moments of the movie and all the quality that make this movie great comes from the inclusion of these two characters. Hit Girl may now be my favourite superhero or at least sitting among them because of the awesomeness of everything she did.

The villains were mostly just gangsters but there was an evil nerdy teenager who took on a heroic guise as the Red Mist which was also used as sequel set up. The idea was that the gangsters thought Kick-Ass more dangerous than he was so targeted him while Big Daddy was actually taking them out with motivation of his own.

If we also add in the amazing music choices throughout the movie we get something exciting and dynamic which is better than most superhero movies to come out in the last decade. Definitely worth watching for any action movie fan, as well as superhero fans.

Kick-Ass 2

Kick-Ass is back with a story about identity. Do heroes just draw out the villains? Should you fit in or be yourself? Do actions really have consequences?

Kick-Ass himself is older and still as useless as ever but he joins a superhero squad called Justice Forever, the group is full of other useless not-really heroes who attempt to stop crime. Dave does manage to be the focus of the major emotional moment in this movie though.

All the hero stuff is just story being driven forward as the villain is surprisingly interesting. Red Mist from the first film has changed his name and hired some incredibly dangerous people to act as henchmen, over the course of the movie the villain goes from spoiled brat to being a truly horrible person. The henchmen aren’t important for a lot of the time and while many die easily Mother Russia is an imposing, powerful brute who seems to have the strength and durability to take on more serious superheroes.

Hit Girl is in the movie as a major character, however she’s turned her back on her alter ego and is now Mindy, a girl trying to make friends at school. Mindy goes through regular teenage girl issues including bullying, friendship and a sexual awakening which she couldn’t have in her lonely other life. Kick-Ass talks Mindy around which causes her to deal with school in an awesome way as she realises who she really is. For some reason Hit Girl also has a motorbike this time which is cool. Once again Hit Girl steals the show with her action scenes, it’s just a shame Cage’s Big Daddy isn’t there to complete the action pairing. Hit Girl does put a lot of focus on her “Daddy”, using his weapons and clever tactics to assist in the most effective ways possible.

Jim Carrey is in this one but his talent is wasted.

Overall, I’d say this movie has more of a message that anyone can do good in the world but it’s just not as fun of a thrill ride as the first. The music is still good, the action is lesser but great when it happens and the movie is shorter than the first which probably didn’t help. I could watch the first movie again anytime and enjoy it but I don’t think I’d bother with this sequel again. At least the sequel setup from the first movie went somewhere.

I will warn that moments can come across as homophobic in both movies, but it’s generally aware enough of itself to not be too offensive, more going for a stupid teenager view.

I’m aware this review seems a little unclear but I’ve tried to avoid spoilers.

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