Morrison’s Coronation Chicken Pizza

The supermarket Morrison’s is ready for King Charles III coronation on the sixth of May twenty-twenty-three. As a major international event, Morrison’s is bringing out some unique products to celebrate the occasion. I’ve already had a double cookie with jam and buttercream between which was very nice but also very sweet, however not unusual enough to seem worthy of a post. I did one for Easter with the chocolate pizza so here’s one for the Limited Edition Coronation Chicken Pizza.

Morrison’s gimmick is that there’s quality fresh, Market Street food. Sometimes we get what’s expected like pies, chicken and pizza; sometimes there’s event based food like mini egg brownies or special buns. I am glad that companies are still being a little creative in the effort to win custom.

What is it? – A regular thin pizza based with normal pizza tomato sauce, topped with a layer of coronation sandwich filler spread, followed by the regular layer of grated cheese. The toppings used were red onions and the spicy chicken that Morrison’s have, not too unusual other than the coronation spread. Following the cooking instructions on the label (8-12 minutes after preheating oven) I started to smell something a bit curry like.

Upon opening the oven the smell got stronger but it looked ordinary enough. I feel the need to mention that I’ve never been a fan of chicken on pizza and I’m not too big on vegetarian ingredients either. I’ve also never had coronation spread to my knowledge so had little idea of what to expect. Cooked properly the thing looked reasonably appetising.

I used my pizza cutter to divide the pizza into six slices, the toppings were a bit unevenly distributed but I put half the pizza on my plate, leaving the rest for family to try or for myself later.

How did it taste? – The important bit. As I was eating I ended up pulling off some of the larger chunks of onion, just not a fan. The chicken wasn’t spicy to burn but seasoned enough to give some flavour, probably would’ve used other toppings myself. The sauce though – arguably the most important part of a pizza – was a mixed bag. Sometimes the tomato was quite thin so there was a strong curry-like flavour as if I’d poured cumin or something onto it, sometimes the tomato was thicker than the coronation meaning I was just getting a normal pizza taste, but when the two flavours paired up right there was an interesting taste which was again curry-like but more mellow and imbued with tomato, quite nice when it hit right. I did get about two thirds through the thing and found a big soft brown lump which upon close inspection I found to be a currant, I just pulled it off because like with big pieces of onion I’m just not a fan. Generally though, it wasn’t so nice that I’d go for it again but the sauce idea was surprisingly enjoyable.

Was it worth it? – I think for the novelty of the thing, to say that I’ve tried it, it’s most definitely worth it as an experience. For taste, it was interesting but I’d choose different toppings than what was provided were I to have the sauce again, I just don’t like certain flavours on pizza. Price wise it’s a bit much for something you might not like on a first purchase, £3.50 is quite good for a pizza though, even with the cost of running an oven, and there was a 2 for £5 offer on pizzas so getting a weird novelty item and a meat feast or something that you’ll definitely enjoy works out as a good deal.


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