Painting: A Dodgy Geezer

I’ve realised how much better watercolours work when you’re not so much painting with them as colouring in. I decided to draw a charming old gent that looked a bit Victorian but when I was done he looked more like a criminal of some kind, either way I wouldn’t trust him. He’s the height of […]

Drawing: Dragon

Drawing is another artistic skill that I’ve decided to have a go at. This is because of how well the alien painting went after using a drawing as a basic guide. I’ve tried to draw a dragon. After doing this I know I definitely prefer painting but drawing is something worth practicing so maybe I’ll […]

Painting: Alien

This picture was painted using both watercolours and ready mixed paints on top of a drawing that my sister (Paige Barstow) had done. I finished it off by using a pen to draw over some of the lines. I accidentally spilled some tomato sauce on the drawing so she thought it was ruined. Understandably, she […]