Painting: Samurai Warrior

I bought a Samurai Warriors game a few weeks ago and painted this with my ready mixed paints, layering both the paint and some watered down paint that would behave like watercolours. I used the dark ground, orange background and mucky looking sun to try and make it look a little more intense. This was […]

Painting: Angel

An angel, above both earth and space, reaching for the heavens as she flies. It turned out with the wings being a little boxy, a bit unrecognisable as wings but I think it worked for the basic design I was going for.

Painting: Rabbit In A Hat

A while ago I painted this rabbit in a hat, inspired by the famous magic trick. I put more detail into the hat than the rabbit because I liked the effect it created, drawing the eye towards certain parts of the painting and letting the brain focus more on the concept than a massive amount […]

Painting: Abstract Harry Potter

Harry Potter, the wizard child whose story got darker as he grew up is the latest subject of my portrait style. I’m not certain how old he’s supposed to be in this painting but I’ve tried to give him the jam jar glasses and school uniform that he’s known for. Daniel Radcliffe is the actor […]

Painting: Harry Potter Symbols

I finally got a suggestion for what someone would like to see painted and Harry Potter was the idea. I’m considering doing the young boy with jam jars on his face but have instead opted for my own take on some iconic symbols from the world of Harry Potter. I’m not a massive Potter fan […]

Painting: Solitary Confinement

Using black paint, water, a thin paintbrush and a sponge on a stick my latest painting was created to represent the feeling of loneliness. This was inspired by the song Solitary Confinement by The Members. It looks a little bit like a theatre curtain as any emotion comes in life but what is life other […]

Paintings: Easter Bunnies

Easter is here. Rabbits, or at least one rabbit is on everybody’s mind, to celebrate the occasion and because it was suggested that I should do some bright and colourful paintings here’re three bunny pictures at Easter. The purple one The blue one

Painting: Hope Is Dead

A simple one really, hope is dead. When you’re having a bad day you can sometimes think that there’s no future, no light at the end of the tunnel, no hope. After something dies we either burn or bury it so here is hope’s final resting place:

Painting: Anger

This painting is a representation of the feeling of anger. The idea that you’re getting warmer with a headache that feels like it’s about to explode, the fire building inside and erupting out of your head and hands. The clothing becoming white hot as it contains some of what’s trying to explode in all directions. […]

Painting: Tails (From Sonic)

Miles Prower, more commonly known as Tails was the only major Sonic character left for me to paint. Today I’ve done him and have completed all I intended with Sonic. It’s been nice knowing what my paintings should look like before doing them. Of this collection Eggman was probably the most difficult to do and […]

Painting: Dr Eggman (From Sonic)

Every hero has a villain and it just happens that the evil Dr Eggman is the enemy of the heroes in my last two paintings. This sonic character has quite a few features and different colours on him which has made him the hardest one to paint so far. Once again the paint has made […]

Painting: Sonic the Hedgehog

I’ve painted Knuckles the Echidna and enjoyed doing it so it only made sense to do the main man/beast/thing next. Sonic himself, the blue speedy hedgehog easily recognisable to anyone who has heard of him and now painted by me. The paper that I’m using curls at the corners from the wetness of the paint […]