Testing Instagram For Feedback

I, like a lot of people put my work on Instagram. Instagram being a social networking app that uses pictures made it seem like an ideal platform for gaining opinions on my paintings. Then I started to wonder how useful Instagram really was. After using the app for a while and getting very few useful […]

Lucas Barstow’s Meaty Rice

Ingredients: Spam (or a similar sandwich meat) Chorizo Yellow pepper Chilli sauce Microwave rice Vegetable oil The spam, chorizo and peppers don’t have a stated quantity because they must all be as close to equal to each other as possible, but you can add as much as you like. Method: First chop your spam into […]

Marvel Stamp Picture

There is a range of Marvel themed stamps out at the moment. I have collected a few of these and with them I created this framed decorative piece. Hulk, Thor, Black Panther, Spider-man, Peggy Carter and Captain Britain all feature on the stamps. The stamps are glued to a background painted red with ready mixed […]

Salmon on Toast

You will need: A piece of salmon A piece of bread A piece of mature cheddar Salted butter Vegetable oil A cucumber A bay leaf A grill or toaster At least one knife An oven An oven tray Foil A plate To make: Place the salmon in the middle of a sheet of foil. Pour […]

Tomato, Cola Chicken.

I tried cooking chicken today. Luckily it went well and food poisoning won’t be an issue, in fact I liked the taste. Credit where it’s due, this is a slightly changed version of this recipe. Ingredients: 1.5 tablespoons Worcester sauce 0.75 of a cup of tomato ketchup 1 cup of Coca Cola Salt to season […]

A Way to live

A quick think can let you see yourself with a new perspective. Evaluate your beliefs and learn exactly how you treat life. One sentence should be all you need.


This is something I wrote that I’ve never had much use for. While I’m struggling to come up with anything new I’ll post this and a few others in a new section of my Creative Writing section simply called Misc.