Deadly disease, The power of keys, Special risk, To keep on running, The undesirables, Not respected, Now required, Ever toiling, Ever tired, Hold the world, All else falls, Give a clap, Show some hope, The keys still work, To open the door, A brighter future beyond.


Lockdown, Locked in, Hide away, Cowards win, Unseen foe, Sweeping death, Soon history, Lock your door, It can’t get in.

A Valentines Poem

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Nothing compares, To how I feel about you. The light in your eyes, Shines like the sun, And my heart knows, Things have just begun. I only need one look, At the smile on your face, Then I feel happy, And would do any place, The internal battle, With […]

St Patrick

Taken by pirates when he was young, All over earth his name is sung, St Patrick, St Patrick, 17th of March, Left in a land of potato starch. The good old Saint Patrick. The fields of green, He kept them clean. He liked his booze, always drank mead, But one day, he found himself freed. […]