Death (From WILLIAM)

This one’s from WILLIAM, my first book and the first book about The Stranger. An adventure where tragedy and death effect the main character so much that things become a little more interesting than he was expecting. To buy the book from the uk amazon website click here. The book is available on all amazon […]

Fresh Bread

I recently had some fresh bread which was really nice. One of the best things about a food like this is the smell it gives off when it’s still warm. Smell is something we don’t think about much but of all the senses it can be the most powerful, bringing back memories, causing desire or […]


This one’s a picture of Far Cry Instincts: Evolution on the Original Xbox and I wasn’t able to get a screenshot and took this with my phone. Anyway, I wrote a haiku about it. It’s sad really how things like this happen, often for no reason.

Death Of A Loved One

From The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A weird thing about the NPC programming makes them crouch by dead bodies, possibly because of love for the dead. This man must have had a lot of love.

Powerful Enemies

A nice little limerick style poem about some statues on the walls of the town hall. There’re monarch statues all the way across the building. I think it’s cool that the Lord Protector Cromwell was given a place up there and even cooler that he’s next to King Charles I.