Head-butting The Wall

“Do you hate me?” “Of course I don’t hate you, to hate you I’d first have to have some love for you. After all love and hate are two sides of the same coin.” “So what do you feel?” “Rage. You can be a problem but you can also be the most amazing person I’ve […]

Viking Encampment

First published November 20th 2017 “Sven the weak, Sven the useless, Sven the unworthy. That’s what you called me. Well my vengeance shall come, soon and it shall bring with it the wrath of gods.” These were his last words before the last of his blood trickled out of his wound and he met the […]

Embracing The Darkness

Somewhere near the middle of England there is a house. This house is surrounded by lots of other similar houses as it is one of many on a housing estate. This one house in particular is special for a very good reason. Every year, on one day of the year all the lights in the […]

Deep Vein Trombonist

This is the story I entered into the contest that my Old Man Cut Short posts have mentioned. The theme of the contest was mental health and I didn’t place in the top three although the ones that did definitely deserved it. I’d appreciate to know what people think about this. Deep underground where sunlight […]

Heaton Pyre’s Cremation

“Family, friends, others that knew him. We are gathered here today to celebra- mourn the death of Heaton Pyre. A good man who was loved by many and who loved all in return. Indeed, it was mentioned in his eulogy that he had a blazing personality and that he lit up a room every time […]

The Leader: End Of The Beginning

The planes flew overhead. Backwards and forwards they went, scouting the area for threats. These planes were fighters designed for quick dodges in case AA guns started firing. Once they had seen that there were no threats on the ground, the fighters fell back, allowing the huge bomber planes to fill the sky. Flags of […]

The Leader: Abolished Monarchy

At the dump a dustman was emptying out a bin wagon. Flags, banners and any other memorabilia to do with patriotism or the royal family had been thrown out when the Queen had lost her job. Whole landfill sites had been created just to accommodate the unexpected waste, some had been recycled but most had […]

The Leader: Business Tax

Charlotte sat at the bar, she’d been sat there for three days. She had no home to return to, she had fallen behind on the mortgage repayments and the bank had seized her property. Charlotte had worked for a bakery near a school, the children used to love the iced buns. They turned up with […]

The Leader: Young Thugs

John turned off the TV, he had been watching the news. He then got up and went into the kitchen, pulled the blinds open and stood, staring out of the window. “Another bombing, third one this week.” John said to himself, he hated the changes that The Leader had made and the problems those changes […]