Negative Viewpoints

A wise man once said that we should always look on the bright side of life. So why are things so miserable all the time? I saw something about glorifying war. War is glorious. It is extremely useful for producing technology and creating advancements. We use wars to settle political issues, fighting is often the […]

Writer’s block

I am getting increasingly annoyed at myself for not being able to think of what to write. I can do my reviews and I can still see the logic in things so opinion based pieces are no problem, it’s creative stuff I’m struggling with. Looking back at my most recent short story I’m disappointed with […]

Old Man Cut Short – Existence + Week 4

Every time I write one of these posts I write about a general topic before going into how my week has been, this time I’ve been thinking about existence. I don’t know what has made me think about existence but it has brought up an interesting memory which may also do something to prove and […]

Old Man Cut Short – Beauty + Week 3

Beauty, a word that can be used on many things, for many reasons and in many situations. Beauty is prevalent in many aspects of life from animals to architecture and I feel like putting something down about it today. I’ll start with the obvious physical beauty that causes attraction. Some people say personality is all […]