Negative Viewpoints

A wise man once said that we should always look on the bright side of life. So why are things so miserable all the time? I saw something about glorifying war. War is glorious. It is extremely useful for producing technology and creating advancements. We use wars to settle political issues, fighting is often the […]

Writer’s block

I am getting increasingly annoyed at myself for not being able to think of what to write. I can do my reviews and I can still see the logic in things so opinion based pieces are no problem, it’s creative stuff I’m struggling with. Looking back at my most recent short story I’m disappointed with […]


Halloween annoys me. Especially because of the poster in the badly taken picture above (sorry about the quality). Here in England on the fifth of November we have a lovely tradition where we burn an effigy of a Catholic who tried to blow up our royalty. Halloween which is on the thirty-first of October is […]


I hate the news. News, either really depressing or really pointless. If it’s not someone being stabbed, run over or attacked in some other unpleasant way it’s the latest gossip about some woman who chances are doesn’t live in the same country as you, and you’ve never met, or never will meet because she’s got […]


  Bedmaking is something I truly hate more than just about anything else in the world. And I don’t just mean putting sheets and things on, I mean right from the start. You go buy a bed from a shop, you’re happily going about your day. You buy one online instead, it takes longer to […]

Inappropriate advertising

I feel the need to explain the picture before starting. This has pictures of my two books WILLIAM and Grayson & The Astronauts which I’m trying to advertise on the site but “I’ve written inappropriate stuff in-between”, literally. The books themselves aren’t inappropriate to anyone in their teens or above, maybe placing them on this […]

Spam Robot

I find it funny but irritating to see that when I checked my comments to find a lot of the spam comments are from similar accounts/addresses that are just saying “what?” which is really weird. I wonder to myself whether what is the only thing the robot can spell correctly. I also wonder what is […]

Positive Discrimination

Positive Discrimination is the worst thing ever thought of, it’s a way for companies to be discriminative and call it equality. Instead of having equal opportunities for work companies now require you to fill out a form so they can tell you that you cant have a job because they’ve filled out their quota for […]


Since it’s still winter where I am I thought I’d write about my least favourite weather condition. Snow is a terrible thing. It blocks the roads up and makes travel harder with road, railway and airport closures. Often where I live there is a thin layer of snow with a sheet of ice beneath it […]

Desensitisation to charity

I’ve just seen an advert on the TV telling me that some child across the world is starving or freezing or dying of some sort of torturous, slow acting disease and I don’t care what happens to that child, I didn’t care enough to pay proper attention to the advert. You could call me cruel […]


I find Christmas more than a little annoying and feel that I need to reason out why. This is mostly for my own benefit but you can like or comment if you want to. Christmas and religion – Jesus’ supposed birthday, when the child of God was supposed to have been born. This would be […]