4-Man Wall podcast (Episode-3)

Episode 3 of the 4-Man Wall podcast is now up and has improved upon the second with music to draw the listener in, which is also now used for the topic transitions. The transitions were smooth in the second episode but the music does set the structure a lot more making it seem more professional. […]

4-Man Wall podcast (Episode-2)

The 4-Man Wall podcast is back after a long delay and the boys are having another chat. They start with a brief explanation of why it’s been so long then give a helpful shoutout to me, the blog and my books. (Thanks for that.) Episode 2 is slightly better focused than the first one, with […]

4-Man Wall podcast (Episode-1)

A friend of mine recently informed me that he had created a podcast with some of his university friends called the ‘4-man wall podcast’. The podcast has a football/soccer theme and there are four male presenters (Jack, Liam, Lewis and Lewis). I will say now that I am not a big football/soccer fan although I […]