Painting: Reaching

I’ve done an abstract painting of a hand that looks to me like it’s reaching.

Painting: Abstract Dog

I made an attempt at painting my dog. There’s something about slightly inaccurate and abstract paintings that I prefer to the lifelike ones. The lifelike ones take a lot of skill, time and effort but the stranger ones are more open to interpretation, they have things to see beyond the picture. I don’t know why […]

Painting: Abstract Harry Potter

Harry Potter, the wizard child whose story got darker as he grew up is the latest subject of my portrait style. I’m not certain how old he’s supposed to be in this painting but I’ve tried to give him the jam jar glasses and school uniform that he’s known for. Daniel Radcliffe is the actor […]

Painting: Picasso Style

I’ve been told that my favourite style with my ready mixed paints is similar to Picasso’s pictures. I know I’m nowhere near his level but I thought I’d leave my style for a while and try and paint a woman in Picasso’s style. After doing this I thought it didn’t really look like a Picasso […]

Painting: Abstract Marcus (From Borderlands)

Well, I’ve finally found my style when it comes to painting people. I’ve done Lilith from Borderlands and I thought she was one of the best characters in the series but this guy, Marcus Kincaid is the best, he’s just got so many great things to say and his personality is really believable. “If it […]

Painting: Abstract Lilith (From Borderlands)

Recently the trailers for Borderlands 3 started coming out. This is a game that I’ve been waiting for for around five years so I’m quite excited. I’ve also been developing my painting style a little and quite like the abstract faces I’ve started painting. So, putting these two things together I’ve painted one of my […]