A woman wakes. She’s tied to a chair. How will she deal with this situation?

A short story that I wrote a few years ago.

Head-butting The Wall

“Do you hate me?” “Of course I don’t hate you, to hate you I’d first have to have some love for you. After all love and hate are two sides of the same coin.” “So what do you feel?” “Rage. You can be a problem but you can also be the most amazing person I’ve […]

St Patrick

Taken by pirates when he was young, All over earth his name is sung, St Patrick, St Patrick, 17th of March, Left in a land of potato starch. The good old Saint Patrick. The fields of green, He kept them clean. He liked his booze, always drank mead, But one day, he found himself freed. […]

Painting: Self Portrait

Brush strokes, The painters path, A calming pursuit, Eases wrath, Even the unskilled, As young as children, Find new excitement, Time is filled, The path I walk it, Tiptoeing along, Practicing new things, For an hour I’ll sit. I recently decided to take up painting as a new hobby. It’s good because it can be […]

Viking Encampment

First published November 20th 2017 “Sven the weak, Sven the useless, Sven the unworthy. That’s what you called me. Well my vengeance shall come, soon and it shall bring with it the wrath of gods.” These were his last words before the last of his blood trickled out of his wound and he met the […]