A poem about the mighty Giant.

Painting: Picasso Style

I’ve been told that my favourite style with my ready mixed paints is similar to Picasso’s pictures. I know I’m nowhere near his level but I thought I’d leave my style for a while and try and paint a woman in Picasso’s style. After doing this I thought it didn’t really look like a Picasso […]

Painting: A Dodgy Geezer

I’ve realised how much better watercolours work when you’re not so much painting with them as colouring in. I decided to draw a charming old gent that looked a bit Victorian but when I was done he looked more like a criminal of some kind, either way I wouldn’t trust him. He’s the height of […]

Drawing: Dragon

Drawing is another artistic skill that I’ve decided to have a go at. This is because of how well the alien painting went after using a drawing as a basic guide. I’ve tried to draw a dragon. After doing this I know I definitely prefer painting but drawing is something worth practicing so maybe I’ll […]

Marvel Stamp Picture

There is a range of Marvel themed stamps out at the moment. I have collected a few of these and with them I created this framed decorative piece. Hulk, Thor, Black Panther, Spider-man, Peggy Carter and Captain Britain all feature on the stamps. The stamps are glued to a background painted red with ready mixed […]

Painting: Abstract Marcus (From Borderlands)

Well, I’ve finally found my style when it comes to painting people. I’ve done Lilith from Borderlands and I thought she was one of the best characters in the series but this guy, Marcus Kincaid is the best, he’s just got so many great things to say and his personality is really believable. “If it […]