Painting: Happy Little Trees

This time I’ve tried to do a painting in the style of Bob Ross using a few techniques that he shows on TV. Bob Ross uses canvas, oil paints and an easel with a wide selection of brushes and paint colours whereas I’ve used card, ready mixed paints and the brushes that were quite different […]

Painting: A Ship On Rough Seas

After flowers and self portraits, a ship or boat of some kind seemed like the right choice for my next subject. Over four days using ready mix paints and water with a small sponge on a stick as well as two paint brushes I painted the picture below (sadly I’m not a great photographer so […]

Painting: Self Portrait

Brush strokes, The painters path, A calming pursuit, Eases wrath, Even the unskilled, As young as children, Find new excitement, Time is filled, The path I walk it, Tiptoeing along, Practicing new things, For an hour I’ll sit. I recently decided to take up painting as a new hobby. It’s good because it can be […]

Tomato, Cola Chicken.

I tried cooking chicken today. Luckily it went well and food poisoning won’t be an issue, in fact I liked the taste. Credit where it’s due, this is a slightly changed version of this recipe. Ingredients: 1.5 tablespoons Worcester sauce 0.75 of a cup of tomato ketchup 1 cup of Coca Cola Salt to season […]


I’ll tell you of a creature, The banshee which screams before a death, On and on it screeches, Without stopping for a breath.   A most terrifying creature, The banshee that hides nearby, It’s piercing screeches, they make you want to cry.   Dreams are haunted by this creature, The banshee you cannot escape, The […]