Painting: Dragon Age

A painting inspired by a Dragon Age 2 loading screen.

Drawing: Dragon

Drawing is another artistic skill that I’ve decided to have a go at. This is because of how well the alien painting went after using a drawing as a basic guide. I’ve tried to draw a dragon. After doing this I know I definitely prefer painting but drawing is something worth practicing so maybe I’ll […]

Saint George and the Dragon

The dragon at Silene, Had killed many women, The people had sent sheep, Which allowed them to creep, Right up to the water, To drink like they thought they ought to. They traded women for the sheep, To give them restful sleep. Until George brought his cross, Left the dragon dead in moss. Pagans no […]


I am a dragon, hear me roar. The people I’ve killed number more than a score. They stand and watch as across the skies I soar. I do not care if they’re rich or poor, Or even if they believe in peace or war. They wonder what I came here for. I am a dragon, […]