Paintings: Easter Bunnies

Easter is here. Rabbits, or at least one rabbit is on everybody’s mind, to celebrate the occasion and because it was suggested that I should do some bright and colourful paintings here’re three bunny pictures at Easter. The purple one The blue one

The Rabbit and the King – Easter

The crown of thorns means nothing now, I’ve won the day, I don’t know how. My golden flesh and brown insides, They give me strength, give me pride. The religious man, his faith was tested, But I’m the one that’ll be digested. And he brought us greatness, equality for all, Forever known shall be his […]

Meat is Murder – Easter

“He’s dead. He was beheaded.” “How can you tell? We haven’t called the pathologist yet.” “Binks, you may only be a rookie but even you could work it out. I’ll give you a clue, it’s something to do with the fact that his body’s here and his head’s stuck halfway up the wall.” “But serge, […]