Cars 2: The Video Game – Good

April’s Games With Gold on Xbox360 brought us Cars 2: The Video Game. It is a game about self aware cars racing and having something to do with spies. The game is connected to the film which I haven’t seen so I cannot comment on the accuracy although there is a choice of which of […]

The Witness – Bad

April 2018’s Games With Gold brings us The Witness, a first person maze solving puzzle game that thrives on simplicity. You can roam around an open world and choose which puzzles you want to solve. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to complete the game so I don’t know what the plot is but I do […]

Super Hot – Good

March’s Xbox One Games With Gold line-up contained Super Hot which is a first person shooter puzzle game. The game becomes a puzzle because time only passes as the player moves meaning bullets stop in mid air giving the player chance to dodge out of the way. The main menu is a bit like a […]

Quantum Conundrum – Great

March’s latest Xbox360 Games With Gold title is Quantum Conundrum, a first person puzzle game where the player can manipulate weight, time and gravity by switching dimensions. The reason for you doing the puzzles is explained as your uncle has transported himself to another dimension and you have to find your way around his puzzle […]

Trials of the Blood Dragon – Good

Trials of the Blood Dragon is March’s first Xbox One Games With Gold title and is a combination of things, a side-scrolling motorcycle tilting stunt game and a platformer side-scroller with guns. A crossover of Trials and Far Cry’s spinoff Blood Dragon. There were twenty-seven levels and it kept me busy for most of a […]

Split/Second – Good

February has Split/Second as a Games With Gold title for the Xbox 360. It is a carracing game that comes with a little bit of a twist. Sports games of any kind never really manage to keep my attention but I’m still going to give my honest opinion on the game. A key thing that […]

Shadow Warrior – Good

February’s first Xbox One Games With Gold title is Shadow Warrior, a first person shooter where demons known as shadow beasts are the target of most of your fire, humans take the rest. This title is a reboot of an old game. The game starts with a video of the old Shadow Warrior game with […]

Zombi – Average

Zombi is another Game With Gold for this month and I didn’t manage to complete it. The game is a first person survival game where one person is helped by a voice known as the Prepper to survive a zombie outbreak. I’ll admit that this isn’t a genre I find myself drawn to but I […]

Army Of Two – Good

Army Of Two is a third person cover shooter where you and an AI partner fight through six missions, going through a story of betrayal where the villain is mostly just playing politics to make himself richer. The game is also the Xbox360 Games With Gold title this half month. I’ll start with the main […]

Tomb Raider Underworld – Bad

The first Xbox 360 game with gold is here and it isn’t a great start to the year. Tomb Raider Underworld is a third person game that has a focus on climbing, puzzles and some combat. The game is also a sequel to Tomb Raider Legend which I haven’t played so I have had trouble […]