This one’s a picture of Far Cry Instincts: Evolution on the Original Xbox and I wasn’t able to get a screenshot and took this with my phone. Anyway, I wrote a haiku about it. It’s sad really how things like this happen, often for no reason.

Death Of A Loved One

From The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A weird thing about the NPC programming makes them crouch by dead bodies, possibly because of love for the dead. This man must have had a lot of love.


Blood, love and danger, Red stands out for all to see, Rose, brick, bright, crimson. Gentle and mellow, Yellow is bright, shining, pure, Colour of the sun. Blossom in springtime, Pink was once a boy’s colour, It is now for girls. Plants and trees that grow, Green like the overgrown grass, Fields, meadows, mould. Mix […]

Seven Deadly Sins

Believe in yourself, Pride comes before destruction, And do not be vain. The green eyed monster, Envy of others is bad, Nothing good will come. There is not enough, Gluttony takes it away, We’ll eat forever. Wrath is just anger, Spurn love and opt for fury, Anger turns to hate. They take from the poor, […]