Painting: Hope Is Dead

A simple one really, hope is dead. When you’re having a bad day you can sometimes think that there’s no future, no light at the end of the tunnel, no hope. After something dies we either burn or bury it so here is hope’s final resting place:

Head-butting The Wall

“Do you hate me?” “Of course I don’t hate you, to hate you I’d first have to have some love for you. After all love and hate are two sides of the same coin.” “So what do you feel?” “Rage. You can be a problem but you can also be the most amazing person I’ve […]


Here’s a few screenshots that create a poem that I found on the game Layers Of Fear. This is interesting as it shows the charm in games, that extra bit of thought and skill that goes into the industry. There are many people with many talents in this world and often we can’t match our […]


Always have hope. Push yourself as far as you can go and things may improve for you. Believe in your dreams and all the rest of it. I’ve presented this one of my longer poems slightly differently to normal and some of the lines didn’t remain on one line but hopefully it looks nice and […]

Shining Light-Giver

There you are, I see you every day, You are the one that guides my path, The one that lights my way, You are a shining beacon of hope, Mimicking the sun in the darkness of night, You stand so tall you touch the sky, Your core it glows so bright, You’re inanimate but I […]

Only Ashes Remain

Before I start I’ll leave a link to The Fire which this sort of continues on from. There are no flames, No passion, I’m done with silly games, In my mind I ration My thoughts and my time, I sometimes wonder Whether I should turn to crime, All my hopes have gone asunder, In this […]

From what has come before me…

“‘From what has come before me, I was forged, but I am new and greater than my forebears.’ And so each man walks the world in ruin, abandoned and untried. Less than the whole of his being.” – Sten, Dragon Age: Origins To put this quote in context, Sten is a person in Dragon Age: […]