Lonely At The End

There was beauty in the innocence of her smile, I would have loved to court her for a while, But when everything is said and done, I know she never saw me as the one, Broken hearted, laying here, True loneliness, my greatest fear, For the end is nigh and I am alone, Too afraid […]

Pretty In Pink

Pretty in pink, You know what I think, Tender is your touch, I like it too much, All I ever do, Is think about you, A love lost, Another failure but at what cost? Once you were the only one, To show me such affection and fun, My emotions so raw, After you there were […]

Only You

There was only you, I never found another, No other woman, That I wished to be my lover, Until now, Because I think there is one, A lady like no other, Looking radiant under the sun, Should I let you go? Should I go with the new? Is there a right answer? I don’t know […]

Dark-Haired Beauty

Dark-haired beauty, Shadow of my dreams, Running for my life, While bursting at the seams, It’s been so many years, My heart is in the past, All that desperate longing, For a love that just won’t last. Where is my dark-haired beauty? The darkness by the moon, The stars were never right for us, I […]