The Myth Of Mental Health

The myth of mental health, Effecting poor and those with wealth, Schizophrenics hearing voices, Can they make conscious choices? Depressives hitting rock bottom, Are they stuck in a world that is rotten? People are just insecure, Can anxiety have a final cure? Then of course there’s bipolar disorder, There’s something wrong with a hoarder, Psychotics […]

Deep Vein Trombonist

This is the story I entered into the contest that my Old Man Cut Short posts have mentioned. The theme of the contest was mental health and I didn’t place in the top three although the ones that did definitely deserved it. I’d appreciate to know what people think about this. Deep underground where sunlight […]

So that you may link the Fire…

“So that you may link the Fire, cast away the Dark, and undo the curse of the Undead.” – Kingseeker Frampt, Dark Souls. A bit of context is needed here. The game Dark Souls is known for it’s difficulty and a player will see the words ‘YOU DIED’ more than once in the average playthrough. […]