2018 New Year’s Resolution

We all know what a New Year’s Resolution is (if you don’t, it’s a special promise to ourselves as we enter a new year. This could be for a change or improvement of some kind). Early December 2018 I decided that between Christmas that year and Christmas 2019 I would try at least fifty-two new […]

The cake is a lie

“The cake is a lie” – Rattman den writing, Portal series The Portal games are first person puzzle games that use portals to use physics in ways that make some interesting puzzles. A group called Aperture Science, Inc. are the ones who run the experiments in the game. This is all controlled by an robotic […]

It wasn’t luck, Joey. It was your determination…

“It wasn’t luck, Joey. It was your determination, your trust in the cards, and the promise you made to your sister.” – Yugi Muto, Yugioh! Legacy Of The Duelist, Yugioh! Duelist Kingdom DLC Yugioh! Legacy Of The Duelist is a strategy card game based on the TV animation Yugioh which also has a real card […]