Drawing: Dragon

Drawing is another artistic skill that I’ve decided to have a go at. This is because of how well the alien painting went after using a drawing as a basic guide. I’ve tried to draw a dragon. After doing this I know I definitely prefer painting but drawing is something worth practicing so maybe I’ll […]


Smash and crash and bash and break, All I want is a piece of cake, I’m a goblin, in my hole, Digging down just like a mole. Cut and thrust and slash and stab, All your children I will nab, I’m a goblin, see my knife, With it I will take your life. Sheep and […]


The ancients believed it to be similar to a cockatrice, Now we know it as a giant snake, With a heart full of malice, Just one look and your life it will take. Born of a reptile egg hatched under a cockerel, The king of serpents, Will send you to hell, Your need to get […]


Look! Look! There’s a unicorn, It’s like a horse, But with a horn.   Look! Look! A unicorn in a race, A creature of purity, So full of grace.   Look! Look! A unicorn in the water, It’s cleaning out the poison, Now drinking won’t kill your daughter. Look! Look! A unicorn healing the sick, […]


I’ll tell you of a creature, The banshee which screams before a death, On and on it screeches, Without stopping for a breath.   A most terrifying creature, The banshee that hides nearby, It’s piercing screeches, they make you want to cry.   Dreams are haunted by this creature, The banshee you cannot escape, The […]


I am a dragon, hear me roar. The people I’ve killed number more than a score. They stand and watch as across the skies I soar. I do not care if they’re rich or poor, Or even if they believe in peace or war. They wonder what I came here for. I am a dragon, […]