Painting: Abstract Lilith (From Borderlands)

Recently the trailers for Borderlands 3 started coming out. This is a game that I’ve been waiting for for around five years so I’m quite excited. I’ve also been developing my painting style a little and quite like the abstract faces I’ve started painting. So, putting these two things together I’ve painted one of my […]

Painting: Nature Scene

Alongside getting mad at Watercolour paints and deciding that I really don’t like them I painted something else while waiting for it to dry. I really think my work lacks quality with Watercolours but I’ll find a way to use them in future to avoid it being a total waste of money. For now this […]

Painting: I Don’t Like Watercolours

Today I’ve realised how much I don’t like Watercolour paints. I started painting, just going with it and painting with them just doesn’t feel good in any way. I ended up with this weird mess: So, a pig with some underpants, some badly done trees, a spider, a really badly done rhino and some beer […]

Painting: Watercolour Early Play

I’ve bought some watercolour paints and just started doing whatever entered my head on the paper to get a feel for how they work. My first go, playing with a new toy so because the journey is where the fun is here is my early play. Once again my poor photography has left something else […]

Painting: A Pink Tree At Night

Using the same idea as the ‘Eyes’ painting (water mixed with paints) I painted a background in blue, orange and purple then used a slightly damp brush to blend them together a bit. After letting it dry I used more wet paints to paint the tree itself and the few other features of the painting. […]

Painting: Eyes

As I’m fairly inexperienced as an artist (having painted less than ten in recent memory) I have to keep trying different things to try and improve. I tried mixing my ready mixed paints with water and painted some eyes with the result. Some look better than others but it’s nice to see how it went […]

Painting: Happy Little Trees

This time I’ve tried to do a painting in the style of Bob Ross using a few techniques that he shows on TV. Bob Ross uses canvas, oil paints and an easel with a wide selection of brushes and paint colours whereas I’ve used card, ready mixed paints and the brushes that were quite different […]

Painting: A Ship On Rough Seas

After flowers and self portraits, a ship or boat of some kind seemed like the right choice for my next subject. Over four days using ready mix paints and water with a small sponge on a stick as well as two paint brushes I painted the picture below (sadly I’m not a great photographer so […]

Painting: Purple Flower

This one was the first painting I did, it was just to help me get a feel for the brushes I have. A flower seemed like a simple first subject as qualities like brightness, shape and a stem would make it easily recognisable so even if it went wrong it would be repairable to a […]

Painting: Self Portrait

Brush strokes, The painters path, A calming pursuit, Eases wrath, Even the unskilled, As young as children, Find new excitement, Time is filled, The path I walk it, Tiptoeing along, Practicing new things, For an hour I’ll sit. I recently decided to take up painting as a new hobby. It’s good because it can be […]