Painting: Skull

I painted a skull.

Painting: Abstract Dog

I made an attempt at painting my dog. There’s something about slightly inaccurate and abstract paintings that I prefer to the lifelike ones. The lifelike ones take a lot of skill, time and effort but the stranger ones are more open to interpretation, they have things to see beyond the picture. I don’t know why […]

Painting: A Tree And A Bush

I have recently been given a nice new art set with an easel, a canvas and some acrylic paints. I also have some new brushes. Just like when I first acquired Watercolours I have had a little play, painting something simple to get a feel for my new equipment. This picture is nothing too special, […]

Painting: Samurai Warrior

I bought a Samurai Warriors game a few weeks ago and painted this with my ready mixed paints, layering both the paint and some watered down paint that would behave like watercolours. I used the dark ground, orange background and mucky looking sun to try and make it look a little more intense. This was […]

Testing Instagram For Feedback

I, like a lot of people put my work on Instagram. Instagram being a social networking app that uses pictures made it seem like an ideal platform for gaining opinions on my paintings. Then I started to wonder how useful Instagram really was. After using the app for a while and getting very few useful […]

Painting: Angel

An angel, above both earth and space, reaching for the heavens as she flies. It turned out with the wings being a little boxy, a bit unrecognisable as wings but I think it worked for the basic design I was going for.

Painting: Rabbit In A Hat

A while ago I painted this rabbit in a hat, inspired by the famous magic trick. I put more detail into the hat than the rabbit because I liked the effect it created, drawing the eye towards certain parts of the painting and letting the brain focus more on the concept than a massive amount […]

Painting: Abstract Harry Potter

Harry Potter, the wizard child whose story got darker as he grew up is the latest subject of my portrait style. I’m not certain how old he’s supposed to be in this painting but I’ve tried to give him the jam jar glasses and school uniform that he’s known for. Daniel Radcliffe is the actor […]

Painting: Harry Potter Symbols

I finally got a suggestion for what someone would like to see painted and Harry Potter was the idea. I’m considering doing the young boy with jam jars on his face but have instead opted for my own take on some iconic symbols from the world of Harry Potter. I’m not a massive Potter fan […]

Painting: Solitary Confinement

Using black paint, water, a thin paintbrush and a sponge on a stick my latest painting was created to represent the feeling of loneliness. This was inspired by the song Solitary Confinement by The Members. It looks a little bit like a theatre curtain as any emotion comes in life but what is life other […]