Painting: Self Portrait

Brush strokes, The painters path, A calming pursuit, Eases wrath, Even the unskilled, As young as children, Find new excitement, Time is filled, The path I walk it, Tiptoeing along, Practicing new things, For an hour I’ll sit. I recently decided to take up painting as a new hobby. It’s good because it can be […]


Here’s a few screenshots that create a poem that I found on the game Layers Of Fear. This is interesting as it shows the charm in games, that extra bit of thought and skill that goes into the industry. There are many people with many talents in this world and often we can’t match our […]

Worlds Collide

Spooks and Spectres of the night, Give you such an eerie fright, Midnight stalking evil ghouls, Spill the blood of costumed fools, Bats and broomsticks in the sky, The Banshees scream from way up high, Zombies and Skeletons shamble by, Filthy bloodsuckers with their animal cry, Things will change around here today, The children play […]


Round and crunchy baby of the tree, You ripen and jump down onto me, Newton knew of the way this felt, while under a tree he was knelt, So solid an object yet so sweet, We’ve forgotten how they’re a treat, So few things are available to all, But an apple a day stops the […]

The Myth Of Mental Health

The myth of mental health, Effecting poor and those with wealth, Schizophrenics hearing voices, Can they make conscious choices? Depressives hitting rock bottom, Are they stuck in a world that is rotten? People are just insecure, Can anxiety have a final cure? Then of course there’s bipolar disorder, There’s something wrong with a hoarder, Psychotics […]

Death (From WILLIAM)

This one’s from WILLIAM, my first book and the first book about The Stranger. An adventure where tragedy and death effect the main character so much that things become a little more interesting than he was expecting. To buy the book from the uk amazon website click here. The book is available on all amazon […]


Smash and crash and bash and break, All I want is a piece of cake, I’m a goblin, in my hole, Digging down just like a mole. Cut and thrust and slash and stab, All your children I will nab, I’m a goblin, see my knife, With it I will take your life. Sheep and […]

Fresh Bread

I recently had some fresh bread which was really nice. One of the best things about a food like this is the smell it gives off when it’s still warm. Smell is something we don’t think about much but of all the senses it can be the most powerful, bringing back memories, causing desire or […]

Immortal Last Words

Jesus of Nazareth is thought to have said “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” While Ghengis, Kahn of the Mongols told his son “It is clear to me that I must leave everything and go hence from thee.” Jacques De Molay cried from the fire “Let evil swiftly befall those who have […]


Always have hope. Push yourself as far as you can go and things may improve for you. Believe in your dreams and all the rest of it. I’ve presented this one of my longer poems slightly differently to normal and some of the lines didn’t remain on one line but hopefully it looks nice and […]