The Pointlessness Of Success

A post about my view of success and how it isn’t a good motivator.

Painting: Hope Is Dead

A simple one really, hope is dead. When you’re having a bad day you can sometimes think that there’s no future, no light at the end of the tunnel, no hope. After something dies we either burn or bury it so here is hope’s final resting place:


This is something I wrote that I’ve never had much use for. While I’m struggling to come up with anything new I’ll post this and a few others in a new section of my Creative Writing section simply called Misc.


Always have hope. Push yourself as far as you can go and things may improve for you. Believe in your dreams and all the rest of it. I’ve presented this one of my longer poems slightly differently to normal and some of the lines didn’t remain on one line but hopefully it looks nice and […]

A Bucket of Rats

“I’ll have to buy a bucket of rats.” “A bucket of cats!” “No, not cats, rats.” “Oh, a bucket of rats. But that’s thrice the price of a bucket of mice!” “Not thrice, only twice. Has your brother still got lice?” “Don’t change the subject. And don’t pick on him, it’s not nice! What will […]

Tired Eyes

Tired eyes might as well be blind, Some mistakes they find, While others are left behind. Take a day where you seek and search, Achieving as much as a prayer in church, Have your eyes left you in the lurch? You see the product that a world of effort makes, What’s the point? It’s littered […]