St Patrick

Taken by pirates when he was young, All over earth his name is sung, St Patrick, St Patrick, 17th of March, Left in a land of potato starch. The good old Saint Patrick. The fields of green, He kept them clean. He liked his booze, always drank mead, But one day, he found himself freed. […]

Saint George and the Dragon

The dragon at Silene, Had killed many women, The people had sent sheep, Which allowed them to creep, Right up to the water, To drink like they thought they ought to. They traded women for the sheep, To give them restful sleep. Until George brought his cross, Left the dragon dead in moss. Pagans no […]

Saint George the Martyr

Saint George the holy, the brave and the good, Who doesn’t get remembered quite as he should. He joined the Diocletian army, Fought on but found the orders barmy. George disobeyed, With torture he was repaid. His beliefs were strong. For peace he did long. Decapitated in the end. To Lydda they did send, The […]

St David

Known for miracles of every kind, From raising the dead, To healing the blind, The ground rose at his feet, Only drinking water, He considered vegetables a treat, Where he went, he left water springs, His tomb was in a shrine, In which Vikings did terrible things.

A Leek In The Cap – St David’s Day

“The Saxons are coming!” Cried the Welshman who was acting as lookout. “Take up arms! Defend yourselves!” Soon the battle started between the Saxons and the Welshmen. The two sides fought for hours. None of them could tell friend from foe as they were all dressed in very similar clothing. Welshman killed Welshman and the […]