The Pointlessness Of Success

A post about my view of success and how it isn’t a good motivator.

Testing Instagram For Feedback

I, like a lot of people put my work on Instagram. Instagram being a social networking app that uses pictures made it seem like an ideal platform for gaining opinions on my paintings. Then I started to wonder how useful Instagram really was. After using the app for a while and getting very few useful […]


Here’s a few screenshots that create a poem that I found on the game Layers Of Fear. This is interesting as it shows the charm in games, that extra bit of thought and skill that goes into the industry. There are many people with many talents in this world and often we can’t match our […]

Gaming, A Neglected Medium

Sadly, video games are often seen as a toy for children so when something big happens that the mainstream news would like, it gets overlooked.  On Armistice Day/Remembrance day players of a violent war video game stopped shooting each other to honour the day and think about the war. The game was Battlefield 1 which […]

A Way to live

A quick think can let you see yourself with a new perspective. Evaluate your beliefs and learn exactly how you treat life. One sentence should be all you need.


This is something I wrote that I’ve never had much use for. While I’m struggling to come up with anything new I’ll post this and a few others in a new section of my Creative Writing section simply called Misc.

Lost In Thought

Wandering around, Will I get lost? Further I go, Leaving everything behind, No physical objects, No needless tears, Nothing can hurt me, I’ve not left at all, It feels like miles, But not even metres, The inside of my mind, Is still a mystery to me.