Everyone sucks but me!

“Everyone sucks but me!” – Homer Simpson, The Simpsons: Hit & Run

This is basically just Homer Simpson being the selfish idiot that he normally is, so why do I find it so interesting that he would say it in a game? It’s because the game is designed as a Grand Theft Auto style of game.

If the game is based on a game about criminals and the Simpsons family is acting like criminals then Homer isn’t just being Homer, he’s playing the part of a criminal. A criminal would have Homer’s attitude of being better than everyone else but more and more often these days I see other people displaying this attitude; from reckless driving to plain old disrespectful, violent behaviour everyone is displaying the Homer attitude. The Simpsons creators write this sort of line as a joke but it saddens me to think that we’re living in a world of Homers or even criminals.

Just look at yourself and think “Everyone sucks but me!” and see how you feel about it. It could be a could self help motivational phase or it could be a reflection of a terrible attitude. Try to figure out whether you are a part of the rise in bad attitudes and if you think you are then change your ways.

It used to be that you shouldn’t be a grumpy Scrooge figure but now I’m saying something really important: Don’t be a Homer!

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