I Watched: BloodRayne

BloodRayne is an old video game series about vampire hunters. It’s not a game I’ve played so my knowledge is weak. According to Wikipedia, the first game was set in the nineteen-thirties and reviewed fairly well.

How does it compare to the games? Rayne, the main character looks right with the ginger hair and revealing clothing. The Brimstone Society who hunt vampires are in the movie plus Rayne eventually sides with them. Rayne is also a Dhampir which is a half-human, half-vampire hybrid. Hunting undead also fits the idea of the games. Weirdly, while the first game was set in the thirties, the movie is set in a middle age style setting making it bland, unoriginal and lacking the Nazi element that I’ve read about.

As a movie, BloodRayne is terrible. It’s the standard story of having to kill the head vampire but so much of it is just boring in how it’s done, the characters aren’t impressive, the combat doesn’t look good and they only remember traditional vampire weaknesses in more desperate situations. The best bit of the movie for me was a graphic during the Meat Loaf scene which was a bit more interesting although rushed, a weird lustful vampire is killed with the use of sunlight which strips his flesh and burns the bones, it looked good but wasn’t amazing. We get unnecessary nudity and a random sex scene between characters that haven’t given any reason for the viewer to expect it. One of the characters does a betrayal, seemingly because movie plot as it really felt like every time something major happened I thought I’d missed something. I don’t know if the deleted scenes or better knowledge of the games would have helped but I was mostly just confused trying to follow what should have been a basic plot. Even the plus side of showing lots of blood was lacking as it looked rubbish.

I’m not normally one for horror movies but the fact that this movie was made is the biggest horror in it. A few big names in the cast and lots of pointless killings couldn’t help this from being a terrible waste of talent and a potentially interesting video game movie.

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